Shed Antler Dog Training 101

A Step by Step guide to training your Shed Antler Dog! Twelve easy lessons; one year access.

Course Summary

This course comprises of 12 lesson plans delivered in pairs; Two new lessons each week.  Instruction includes printable lessons, demonstration videos, and teaching games that you can access with an internet connection. The lessons include positive reinforcement based training to help turn your dog into a shed antler finding enthusiast AND gives you the basics on how to get started on practical searching- training BOTH ends of the leash! Many teams will be able to complete the entire course in 6 to 8 weeks, but you will have access to the course material for a year following enrollment so there is no rush if you need more time!

Note: There is NO instructor feedback for this class. You will work on your own, following the instructions provided. 

Prerequisites for this class:
A) A dog with a strong desire to retrieve toys
B) A solid recall

Course Curriculum

Erin Lynes Lynes

Erin Lynes is a KPA Certified Professional Trainer with over 20 years of experience training dogs for hunting, home life, and sports! Erin’s positive teaching strategies help shape you and your dog into the best possible team using your own strengths and experience as a foundation, helping you to increase the depth of your relationship with your dog while also growing their skills and confidence. 

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    Shed Antler 101
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    12 lessons- Two new lessons are delivered each week for 6 weeks. You will have access for ONE YEAR from enrollment date.

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