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Posted On Feb 28, 2021 |

Welcome to this blog post, where I discuss the upcoming plans for this site and whether or not I might be addicted to dog sports.

There are so many dog sports these days. Like- everything is a sport, with titling opportunities in everything from head to head action like in Flyball or Canicross racing, all the way to private individualized submissions for the sports that over virtual titling. There is truly something for every person and every dog. But you don't have to enjoy or even attempt competition to love dog sports. For many people, just that time training their dog and working through progressive goals is enough to build an addiction! 

I do consider myself a bit of a dog sport addict. Not necessarily on the competition end, I've realized recently- because with most things shut down for the pandemic, we really aren't competing much at all. And while I do miss the social aspects of trials- I don't really need the competition aspect- I don't miss that part much.  But even without having the motivation of upcoming competitions,  I find myself studying dog sports, learning new training techniques, advancing my dogs's skills in sports that are new to us and sports that we've trained in for years! It's more the process, I guess, that I am addicted to. 

 One of the things that I really enjoy about dog training, particularly with how it relates to dog sports, is seeing another trainer execute a really brilliant skill- and then figuring out all of the little steps it takes to teach that skill to one of my own dogs. Or learning about a process, and then changing it to suit my style or needs.  

I also find it amazing how many of dog sport skills are recycled from one sport to the next! The dogs who are really advanced in a particular game often progress really quickly when it comes to new sports, even when those sports are not at all related to their original activity. The more you learn, the easier it is to learn! And that works for both people and dogs! 

One of the visions I have for this site is to help people find the joy in training their dogs, whether they intend to compete at a very high level, or not at all. I think the joy comes from having a dog who is a willing partner in the training, and from understanding how to help the dog learn new skills in small achievable steps. And those are things that I can really help you with, no matter what the sport. 

The courses I offer here vary quite a bit in focus. I like to do a lot of things with my dogs and like to share all those things with you! As I grow the site, you'll see courses in everything from fitness and cooperative care, introductory courses for brand-new dogs or owners, all the way up to advanced sport training. I feel like sometimes you don't know what your dog is really going to enjoy- or be good at! - until you've tried a few different activities and variety is good for everyone!  I aim to keep individual course costs affordable, provide helpful feedback for those who want it, and soon I will role out a membership program for those who would like to have access to ALL the things vs taking courses one at a time. 

While the site grows, I would love to have your feedback. Is there a specific topic you'd like to get help with? Have you always felt like your dog would be good at a certain activity, but you're not sure where to start? Are you already a confirmed Dog Sport Addict and just chomping at the bit for the next class to be released? 

Currently, there is an on demand Shed Antler hunting course and a Fitness training course. If you prefer more instructor feedback, check out the six week classes that I teach through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy each semester: https://www.fenzidogsportsacad... I've got a couple of other irons in the fire that will be released soon, so stay tuned on that! 

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